Weekends Worth of Amazing Eats in SF

I decided to lay low for the holiday weekend to take in some epic scenery and amazing food to bring in the New Year. Where else other than one of the worlds biggest melting pot of Culinary Greatness? 

San Francisco! This major city (top 3 most expensive cities to live in), with tiny neighborhoods packed together curating a cultured atmosphere with so many options. I stayed in the ultimate foodie location (The food gods were in my favor), Tenderloin, a small neighborhood near Union Square packed with history and culture; where the old meets the new (restauranteurs on the block).

Farmerbrown Perfect for Brunch!

 "Bombdiggity" Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

"Bombdiggity" Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

Located in the Hotel Metropolis

After checking a few Yelp! reviews  I came across this mouthwatering breakfast sandwich. Jokingly, the reviewer wrote "Bombdiggity Breakfast Sandwich" which led to me confidently saying, I want the "Bombdiggity" Breakfast Sandwich! I must say so myself, the yelper wasn't too far off with his description. The breakfast sandwich was a combination of flavors, the perfect size, and a cup of OJ pairs perfectly!

The brunch menu along with the other menus boasts a plethora of amazing recipes like the Catfish Sandwich and Chicken & Waffles (SF definitely has a thing for Chicken & Waffles!) make sure to check the menu first, as items are subject to seasonality.

Crabhouse at Pier 39- Lunch with a view!

 Crab & Parmesan Fries

Crab & Parmesan Fries

When in SF you must go to Fishermans Warf- I dont think thats an actual saying, but Im running with it. While doing my tourist duties and searching aimlessly for the next stop on the foodie map, the flavor filled scents coming from this place literally pulled me in by the nose! Quick turnaround then boom, sitting in a booth a view of the bay waiting for my meal!

"Theres nothing worst than bad food" This is the mantra I live by! Which in this case, the crab here got me down to the nitty gritty, fingers full of crab juices and shells cracking, the only thing standing in between my next bite was a top off of butter sauce! This a must try for some fresh seafood, good service, and lunch with a view!

Puccini & Pinetti- Bon Apetit!

Wanting to have one home cooked-ish meal was definitely a must on the list! What better than fine Italian cuisine. Just around the corner from our hotel on Ellis & Powell sat this little Italian restaurant seemed to be a great pick for dinner, as I recalled it being quite packed during lunch hours. The atmosphere is really cozy and warm, and the service wasn't half bad (SF isn't known for their service).

Puccinni & Pinetti's menu hosts your traditional Italian dishes, as well as couple fusion menu items. I highly recommend their Calamari & Rock Shrimp appetizer and the Spaghetti & Meatballs and Cappelini! 



Jaspers Cornertop & Kitchen- Late Night Eats

 Fried Rabbit & Waffles

Fried Rabbit & Waffles

I couldn't wait to write this post specifically for the Fried Rabbit & Waffles I had there on NYE night! I searched & searched for a restaurant that wasn't $200 per person and that was open on the holiday. After a failed attempt at 621 Jones at 10 PM, Jasper found me on the corner of O'Farrell & Taylor St. Let me start off by saying, their late night menu is LIT!  

I started off with their Calamari then get straight to the goods with the Fried Rabbit & Waffles. One of the flakiest, most perfectly mixed batter I have ever tasted along with the savory rabbit legs (yes, tastes like chicken!-better even) Their menu has combined unlikely pairs like the: Crispy Pig Ears, Duckfried Tater Tots, and Fried Rabbit & Waffles. Don't be put off by the names, the flavors are totally worth every bite! This gem is perfect to cure that post party hunger or late work nights.